The metaverse is coming. Open the portal to the future of WEB 3 before others! 

Futureland is an educational platform and decentralized NFT community that will help you understand concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT and virtual reality in a playful way...

Futureland is ruled by 21 NFT GODS...

The 21 NFT Gods inspired by slavic mythology are the first and most valuable NFTs of Futureland. Each has a unique story and relationships with other gods. Holding an NFT god gives you direct access to the founders of Futureland and other NFT god holders.

You can look forward to joint V.I.P. events, as well as priority access to future projects. 

There are currently 11 of the 21 gods available worldwide. The remaining 10 will come to market in 2022.

"Our vision is to be the biggest NFT project in Czechia and then conquer the world!"

The origin of Futureland was described in the NFT comic!

The NFT comic Futureland: the Beginning of Time was our first OG collection (after the very limited NFT gods), which exists in 512 copies and will reward its owners again and again in the coming years. This NFT comic laid the foundation for the Futureland community. At the same time, if you hold 2 or more copies of the comic, you also will have access to the WEB 3 Academy educational platform.

There are only a few available on the secondary market at the moment:

Futureland will soon release the first tokenized book about the metaverse

The book will be published in Czech and later in English. Each page of the book is linked via a QR code to a unique NFT portal, which gives you full access to the Futureland DAO community and the WEB 3 Academy educational platform (and which you can resell to another reader of the book at any time).

200 pages of the book = 200 NFT portals. Each portal represents one page of the book. These book NFT Portals are available for pre-sale right now on Opensea.

Futureland NFTs grant lifetime access to many benefits:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Right now, most utilities are delivered in Czech language. We are at the beginning of a longterm mission. We plan to enter the global English-speaking market later in this year. On the other hand, it can give you an advantage to be really early in this project.

WEB 3 Academy

WEB 3 Academy is an educational platform that guides you through the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFT, decentralization, tokenization and metaverse in a simple and understandable way (even if you are not tech-savvy). You need to hold 2x comic or 1x genesis portal to access.

Community-driven project (DAO)

Futureland is one of the first Czech DAOs. The NFT holders decide how to use the amount in the community purse (where 50% of the initial sales of our NFTs always go). From the community wallet we usually buy NFTs with longterm value. We then own these NFTs together as a community.

Private NFT alpha group

If you want to find out more about NFT, learn how to trade with them, get to grips with the new web3 world, then there is no better step than joining a community of people where everyone helps each other, shares their experiences and grows faster together. 

Virtual worlds and real encounters

In addition to live community gatherings in the real world, we create our own virtual worlds on Spatial, LeapN and other platforms. We connect the 3D metaverse with education, entrepreneurship and personal growth. We plan to create experiences that straddle the line between entertainment and education that will enrich the community.

Long-term roadmap with global ambitions + 10 years of experience building online businesses...

Our mission is to build a great educational platform with a solid foundation. The goal is to reward community members who will be at the top. At Futureland, we honor the rule that WEB 3 rewards people who come early!

"Experience how Web 3.0 works in practice, discover new technologies and have a great time at the same time. This is something that Futureland brings in a playful way."